About - Jørn Eriksson
Novemberdag på vei til Grønebakken på Hardangervidda

Pixel Fever

Org nr: 917240116

0585 Oslo 

Pixel Fever er et firma eid av Jørn Eriksson. 

" I started photography documenting backcountry skiing, and my climbs of various mountains in Norway, Africa and Himalaya. I focused solely on landscape photography, and had certain success with that, soon having my photos published in travel magazines and books around the globe. As a result of this I evolved into commercial  product focused photography, having shot for numerous well established brands. At the same time I grew interest in portrait photography and studio photography in general. I also moved my non-work photography  towards typcial fine art photography. Ironically today I might be most known for my cityscape photography work.  "

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