About - Jørn Eriksson

Pixel Fever

Org nr: 917240116

0585 Oslo 

After years of commercial- and stock photography I have found my self in Art Photography. Being a in-house photographer at Oculos AS daytime, I make print friendly art work when I come home. 

I started photography doing landscapes and documenting my mountaineering expeditions in palces like Africa and Himalaya. Through the years I have evolved more into more of a portrait- and street photograhper. Being a commercial photographer I have never been able to lock my self to a certain niche. Mastering all disicplines of photography to a certain level is essential. 


Prints are available in webshop. If you want limited signed edtions, contact me. 


I am always interesting in collab. with people interestering in taking part in my projects. Feel free to contact me. 

Stock Photo:

Today I sell photos through Getty, 500px etc. But licence is also available through website. 



Tlf  +47 97 12 60 46 

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